The world’s first cooperative SaaS platform

Own the platform. Choose the tools. Work your way.

Mix & match features to build your no-code workflow

Choose from a library of prebuilt templates. Adjust and combine them to create your very own apps, which help you manage your projects, sync your tasks, and grow your business.


Forms let you reuse templates and nest fields inside each other. Compose them, prefill them, exchange them, and keep track of changes as you work side by side.


Collections let you decide who gets access to how many details. Set specific views, define filter criteria, and move data between different collections seamlessly.


Layouts let you turn article templates into custom creations. Produce articles, annotate them, edit them together, and publish them when you’re ready.


Message threads let you do business with others inside and outside of your organization. Communicate via chat, embed interactive forms, trigger actions, and get notified when your response is needed.


Actions let you advance and finalize business transactions. Auto-generate invoices, send payments, sign contracts, and invite others to your workspace.

Powerful tools at your fingertips

Use and combine them to meet all your needs.

Form Creator

Assemble and annotate custom forms.

Interactive Messaging

Send messages with interactive attachments.

Access Control

Limit someone’s access to your data.

Synchronized Tasks

Manage your tasks between private and shared workspaces.

Layout Tools

Format and edit articles collaboratively.

Simple Automation

Generate invoices and sign contracts.

White Label Support

Customize your creation with a logo and theme.

Monitor & Prioritize

Log into your workspace, get notifications, and respond to important messages.

Working together to break the status quo

Users, designers, developers, and service providers cooperate to create the shared software catalog for the next decade.


The Competitive Way

Many subscriptions. Disconnected workflows.


The Cooperative Way

One subscription for seamless workflows.

For Users

Build it on your own

The Cardstack Builder brings the fun (and profit) of building software to non-coders, which is 99.9% of humanity!

  • Assemble
  • Configure
  • Style
  • Preview
  • Publish
  • Submit

Assemble an app by dragging and dropping.

For Designers

Design it to fit your needs

Do it in style. Create templates and themes for others to choose from, while you grow your client base with custom and premium themes.

Custom Theme

In-Browser Themer

Watch this video to see how themes are created in the Cardstack Builder.

For Developers

Code it to do more

Most SaaS products are proprietary, so one company owns your data. Because Cardstack is open source, you own not only your data, but your customized software too.

Open Source (MIT License)

Check out our codebase in the main GitHub repository of the Cardstack platform.

Learn more

Fully Documented

Read our developer documentation on how to build new types of apps from scratch or based on templates.

Learn more


Sell premium apps, themes, and templates on existing marketplaces or list them in the built-in Card Catalog, which pays you based on usage.

Learn more

How you can extend Cardstack:

UI Customization

If you know
  • HTML
  • CSS
Then you can
  • Construct data schemas with the Cardstack Builder
  • Create themes using CSS
  • Deliver custom apps to clients with just a few clicks

Feature Enhancements

If you know
  • Front-end JavaScript (e.g. React / Ember / Angular / Vue.js)
  • CLI
Then you can
  • Build custom UI controls for particular types of fields
  • Change layouts completely to implement any design
  • Run Cardstack yourself and develop locally

System Integration

If you know
  • Node.js
  • Cloud DevOps (e.g. AWS / Azure / GCP)
Then you can
  • Integrate any data source and API by writing Node.js plugins
  • Become integratable by crafting a custom API endpoint that allows other apps to access your data in Cardstack
  • Deploy Cardstack to any public or private cloud

Powered by git, integrated with GitHub

All your custom code, configurations, and data are stored in your own GitHub repository. Star our main GitHub repo to get notified when we launch our Developer Mode.

For Service Providers

Host it anywhere you want

Similarly to other open-sourced software like WordPress, users can choose any hosting provider to manage and run their Cardstack-based app for them. A large number of hosting providers in the Cardstack ecosystem will ensure that users from around the world get tailored services that fit their budget and requirements.

Card.Space USA is the first hosting provider in the Cardstack ecosystem and will be launching in 2020.

Launching Soon




Planned Locations
Candidate Locations

Source: Region Maps from Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure

Cardstack membership network

We offer the following benefits to all service providers from around the world who join:

Global software catalog

With one click, service providers can install both free and premium features, themes, as well as integrations, which were submitted to the catalog by developers and designers.

Unified billing & payments

Thanks to a metering and billing protocol based on the Ethereum blockchain, users can set up their payment method once and redeem services from multiple providers across the network.

Cross-honored membership

Through a cryptographic authentication protocol and without sharing user data, service providers can accept credentials from users who are on-boarded by other providers and vice-versa.

Token-curated registry

By getting listed in the global vendor directory, service providers reach all participants of the network and gain visibility for their unique services.

Launch your app without any coding—
and get expert help to make it more powerful.

In 15 minutes
The time it takes to buy and drink a cup of coffee

Use a prebuilt template from the catalog to create a fully hosted Web application with a polished user experience and a secure back-end—the no-code way.

In 1 day
The time it takes to assemble the IKEA furniture for your new apartment

Build a unique app by combining multiple templates and themes from the catalog, customizing it for your own business and personal workflows—the no-code way.

In 2 weeks
The time it takes to negotiate a custom software development contract

Improve your app by hiring a developer to code extensions—connecting the app to an existing data system, adding advanced features, or theming it exactly to your taste.

The Cardstack Mission

We are building the alternative to centralized SaaS apps that lock users into the platforms of Silicon Valley’s tech giants.

Web 3.0: Connections without intermediaries

Open Source

Join us as we build the software to jumpstart Web 3.0

Open Marketplace

A great selection for users and great rewards for makers

Open Protocol

Everyone works together—and everyone benefits

Get early access

The Cardstack platform will be launched soon—with many features and templates. But you can start building Cardstack apps beforehand! Create your own forms and collection pages without the help of a developer. We give you early access to our no-code app building tool: Cardstack Builder